Based on their need to target both investors and ‘new to invest’ audiences, ArchOver ran 2 creatives based on each audience’s characteristics and interests. Whichit built each creative set as a carousel (a carousel is a series of lead posts (questions) on rotation so that no user would see the same lead post more than once). The campaign delivered over 2 million impressions, 9,632 unique engagements, and 3.5% CTA rate. The campaign was a success and generated 163 unique qualified email addresses.

Qualified Emails Collected

Whichit Unique Engagement

Whichit for ArchOver


ArchOver is a P2P business lending platform that connects UK businesses requiring finance with investors seeking exposure to secured loans offering up to 10% p.a.. The ArchOver Platform was designed and developed to connect these Borrowers and Lenders. It brings them together for the purposes of selection. The Lender gets to browse all Investment Opportunities, and the Borrower gets to market themselves to potential Lenders in order to raise the required funds.


ArchOver was looking to engage with their target audiences to launch their IFISA (Innovative Finance Individual Savings Account) and generate qualified leads.


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