Whichit - Cutting Edge Technology for the New Era of Ads and Marketing


Whichit combines the brightest minds and most sophisticated technologies to create ad and marketing solutions that recapture the users' attention in an unobtrusive manner, making them WANT to engage with YOU!

Whichit’s flagship tool is a highly engaging interactive commercial-ad format that presents to the audience as an addictive poll where they answer fun, image-based questions, giving you the perfect message for them at the exact right moment. Beneath the surface lies a super-powered, big data machine learning insight engine that informs you of their unique preferences, drives them to specific actions and increases engagement and conversion by whopping numbers.

The company has an innovative technology that profiles users based on their preferences and uses machine learning to provides bespoke commercial incentives in real time. The technology and the unique ad-formats allow our clients see 40x higher engagement rates than comparable ad units, while running their campaigns on multiple channels from one platform.

After winning the UKTI's Sirius Programme, Whichit relocated from Tel-Aviv, Israel to London in 2014. In 2015 Whichit won 'Start-up of the Year EMEA' by Facebook, the Innovate UK R&D funding award and the People's Choice Award at Pitch@Palace by the Duke of York.


What is a Whichit?

The Whichit platform allows you to create rich media unique ad units in the form of polls, quizzes, trivia, surveys and more that we like to call ‘Whichits’.

Try it out for yourself, see how quickly we can segment an audience and retarget based on their preferences!

  • Singular Solution - Everything from copy and creative, campaign execution and analytics - we’ve got you covered. This Whichit can be embedded pretty much anywhere you want at the same time.

  • Simplicity - Easy to create a stellar, fully branded and fun user experience

  • Skyhigh Engagement - Reach previously unachievable engagement levels - ads they WANT to interact with

  • Sharp Insights - Our dashboard captures sentiments and translates them into specific actionable insights

  • Streamline your Ad Units - Create one Whichit - run it on multiple platforms, let us analyse the results so you see at a glance what truly brings you the best ROI

  • Seamless Integration - Integrates with all marketing automation and sales tools

What would make your marketing more effective?

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Whichit's Co-Founders

Jonathan Gan

CEO & Founder

Former Israeli Air Force Major and IBM Project Manager. B.Sc In Industrial Engineering and Management. MBA in Entrepreneurship from Tel-Aviv University.

CTO & Co-Founder

Former SAP Consultant and Lead Developer at Ness Technologies. BSc in Computer Science Knowledge and experience in a wide variety of programming languages and platforms.

Creative Director  & Co-Founder

Over 5 years' experience as an Architect & Designer (B.Arch, MRE). Galit has extensive knowledge and experience in a range of design fields: 3D imaging expert, graphic design and UX/UI designing.