Case Study: How Letts Revision drove new customer acquisition and brand awareness

Written by: Chloe Rowan

Harper Collins Publishers is the second largest consumer book publisher in the world. In March 2018, they started a 15-day Whichit campaign to increase brand awareness and drive sales for their Letts Revision range, targeting GCSE and A Level students and their parents.

Whichit creates interactive and engaging adverts, mostly in the form of quizzes, trivia, surveys and polls. They designed two single posts to appear on Facebook, and a humorous video ad for Snapchat. All adverts ended with a Call-to-Action, and one Facebook post was aimed at single mothers aged 35-55 with 15-18 year old children, while the other two ads were aimed at 15-18 year old children.
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The Snapchat ad saw over 1 million impressions, 42,000 swipe ups, and 30,438 unique views to the Whichit quiz which was linked in the Call-to-Action at the end of the video. The Facebook ads delivered 195,000 impressions, and the cost per engagement was 50% lower than the education industry benchmark.

The campaign increased reach and awareness amongst secondary school students and their parents, and gained insightful data about their audience’s behaviour.

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Whichit: Not Just an Enabler Brand

Written by: Chloe Rowan

Disruptor brands are the ones getting all of the attention. They make big noise and take down the competition as they sky-rocket to popularity. But it’s actually good to have options. Having competition means brands need to compete to win over their audience, their audience is not just taken for granted. This keeps prices competitive, ensures high customer service standards, and gives the public freedom of choice.

Having freedom of choice doesn’t always result in people choosing one thing OR the other. Often, people like to use several services or products to satisfy all of their needs. For example, somebody might have Sky, Netflix and Amazon Prime subscriptions as they all have different popular shows and films to offer.

Whichit is an enabler brand. Our interactive ad units are compatible with, well, pretty much every online network! You can share your Whichits to your website or blog, and your social media platforms.

Blast your interactive campaign across multiple channels with Whichit.

Blast your interactive campaign across multiple channels with Whichit.

Whichit can be used as the sole, all-in-one solution for your digital marketing needs. Or, it can be used alongside other advertising solutions. Advertisers can share the Whichit units to just their website landing pages, or they can share them across several different platforms.

Whichits are even compatible with Shopify, and premium blog site, Medium

Whichits are even compatible with Shopify, and premium blog site, Medium

Our users have the power of choice. Whichit is not just an enabler brand, we are whatever you need us to be.

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