Launch your Whichit campaign on Snapchat! Captivate your audience with 5X click-through-rate


Galit Gan
Creative Director & Co-Founder


Hey there,

At Whichit, our priority is helping you achieve better engagement with your audience and gain better ROI for your marketing campaigns. Today, we’re happy to announce our new service – Captivate your audience with a Snap-Ads-Whichit campaign!

If your brand’s target market is young and moment-savvy, Snap-Ads-Whichit campaigns are for you!

So… What are Snap Ads?

Snap Ads drive brand awareness while enticing Snapchatters to swipe up! A Snap Ad is a 10-second (maximum) video ad that includes the call-to-action to provide more information to users who swipe up from the ad.




How it works?

The Snap Ads are full-screen vertical video, 100% viewable on mobile, and have audio on by default – AMAZING! This short video is followed by a swipe-up that reveals the Whichit Post, created in the video context, achieving your brand great engagement and a fun experience for your audience. Also, you capture all the data in our sleek dashboard that’s easy to understand!

Read a success story:

Funzing, a community marketplace to discover and book fun local experiences, used Whichit’s engaging ad-unit to engage with their target audience on Snapchat, in order to increase brand awareness and drive sales, and has achieved incredible results:
Through short video adverts with a ‘swipe-up’ call-to-action that redirect customers to book or subscribe to a Funzing experience, they achieved their campaigns’ objectives:

  • Over 11,000 Impressions in 2 days,
  • 8.8% Snap Swipe Ad Rate (5X click-through-rate than average social media advertising!)

  • 16.7% Engagement Rate on Whichit Posts,

  • 35-50% Conversion Rate on Engage Card.

Check out one of their campaigns:

Why target Snapchatters anyway?

Snapchat is a social media used by 166 million people around the world across a wide range of ages, demographics, and interests: 




Sounds interesting? Great! Let’s get you on-board and create your first Snapchat campaign with Whichit. Contact us for more details and pricing: