Whichit Integrations are now available


Galit Gan
Creative Director & Co-Founder


Hi Everyone,

We’ve been working super hard to make sure Whichit helps you streamline your processes as easily and simply as possible. We are proud to tell you we are now integrated with EMAIL, SLACK, MAILCHIMP and IFTTT. This means you can automatically send the information about your audiences preferences and their captured emails directly to these different channels.

marketing tools integration

When you integrate your E-mail, you will receive automatic e-mails when a user subscribes to your Whichit. It works with TRELLO as well!

SLACK is the most commonly used tool for internal corporate communication.  Now you’re able to send customised activity from Whichit Pro into a Slack channel easily.

MAILCHIMP is the world’s leading email marketing platform and our integration automatically adds your subscribers to a mailing list. Based on how they voted you can segment your audiences immediately in Mailchimp. So when you send them a message it will be perfectly tailored to them! 

Last but not least, IFTTT (If This Then That) is a web based service and enables you to link your other web services such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Gmail. This integration makes sure that you can manage all your other web programs and that you can upload your Whichit easily to other channels.

interactive marketing platforms

You can find this feature in your account settings (on the left-hand side). When you click on your preferred integration you will get a specific step by step explanation of how to integrate. If there’s a system we’re not integrated with and you want us to be, let us know!

All this makes it a lot easier and quicker for your Whichit to bring results. Make the most out of Whichit Pro and try this awesome new feature!


Stay tuned,

The Whichit-Team