Whichit IAB Standard Sizes are now available!

Hi Everyone,

We have great news. Our Whichit Posts are now available in different sizes that fit the IAB standard ad units!

What's important to you when creating your marketing campaign?

Example of a Whichit Post as an advertising banner [728x90 pixels]


What does it mean?

The IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) defined a set of sizes offered by the majority of online publishers and advertisers who primarily use this set of standard sizes for their campaigns.  These standards have the ability to facilitate online and mobile advertising for all parties.

We now offer the sizes ‘Wide Skyscraper’ (160x600 pixels), ‘Leaderboard’ (728x90 pixels), ‘Medium Rectangle’ (300x250 pixels) and a ‘Half Page Ad’ (300x600 pixels) to make sure that our ads fit perfectly on every web page. Take a look at our IAB Playground.

Whichit is now compatible and fully functioning at these sizes. Now your Ad can sit natively or within one of these frames. Finally, Whichits can be delivered on thousands of publisher websites.

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Example of a Whichit Post as an advertising banner [300x250 pixels]

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Stay tuned, we are continuously improving Whichit to make it even better!

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