You Won’t Believe What We Saw At Mobile World Congress 2015

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As Mobile World Congress 2015 comes to an end, Whichit‘s team took a step back to think about what 2015 holds for all of us in terms of innovation. One thing's for sure… The Internet of Things stole the show.

It was overwhelming to see all the products that will one day control our lives all presented in one hall in Mobile World Congress. Walking between the stands gave us the feeling that one day everything we wear and do will be connected, from wearable tech such as smart watches, glasses and bracelets, to home products such as Ikea’s light charger, where by just simply putting your phone on your bedside at night will charge it. The feeling became stronger as we realised this is not the future but it is right now.

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The amazing thing about IoT is that until now we thought that mobile phones brought a revolution of connectivity because almost everyone owns one. Now we are talking about each individual owning many connected devices simultaneously, with the mobile phone as a smart hub to control all of our connected devices. This means that we are not even close to the limit in terms of how much data humans will collect and analyse, and how many new possibilities for innovation will stem from this connected revolution.

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Apps and wearable tech have the potential to ride hand in hand, making human choices smarter, more efficient and more concise. Whichit is emerging into the world at a point where it is needed more than ever. Whichit in a split second is able to share, analyse and direct your daily choices to your social demographic as well as relevant brands to help eliminate the need to personally decide, this links back to ‘internet of things’ theory of completely connectivity in our day to day life.

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