Teen Tech & 5 Whichit Hacks

Last Friday we were invited to present at Teen Tech, an industry lead initiative dedicated to helping young teenagers understand their own potential and the opportunities available in the tech, science and engineering world.

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With most teens seeing scientists and technologists as crazy old men with grey hair and glasses, It is great to be able to step forward as a young team to show you the possibilities of working for an App in the future, as well as the results all our hard work has produced. 

We all encounter decisions throughout our day to day life, Whichit is designed to fill the void for simple assistance to these dilemmas! We allowed the teens to play with Whichit, uploading 4 pictures of the questions they want opinions on, showing them how the Whichit app was designed and created to provide a solution to a noticeable issue in a new and fun way!

Check out our favourite teentech Whichits & some of our favourite new users! 


I want to change up my hair. Mermaid or dip dyed, pastel pink or pastel blue?? #mermaidblue #mermaidpink #pastel #hair


Which #cupcake is the best???


Which airwalks should I get? #airwalks


Which one of my drawings are better? # skulls


Whichit Hacks

If you missed out on being at the event we have some cool tricks you may not know about Whichit, just so you don’t feel left out!

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Shhhh… these hacks are for you Whichit experts, handle with care!

1. Shop Like a Pro!

Want to see the latest Hollister hoodies?, type ‘site:websitenamehere.com’ when uploading from the web to only see results from that website (i.e. site:hollisterco.com) then add ‘hoodie’ or whatever else you want to look at!

2. Gain Followers On Instagram!

You all have such amazing Instagrams so search @YourUserName to see only your pictures and upload straight from there! Best bit, the picture will then link straight to your Instagram so everyone can find and follow you!

3. Be Lazy!

Do you have an android phone? You don’t even need to open the app, just say “Okay Google, search fashion on Whichit” to see the results pop up straight away.

4. Find the Recipe!

That little ‘i’ in the corner is a great little tool, chances are it’s linked up to the recipe of the cake you've just voted for or to buy that dress you’ve just spotted that you need!

5. Follow Your Favourite Hashtag!

Don’t forget to hashtag, just a simple hashtag like #food or #fashion makes your Whichits so much easier to find and if you’re lucky Ill add it to the blog sidebar! You can also follow a hashtag, so you only see Whichits your interested in.