Champagne & Fashion in the House of Commons

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Last Monday we took a trip to the house of commons for a champagne brunch. A chance to discuss the connection between fashion and politics throughout history, as well as address current ethical issues and chat with a member of parliament about their opinion on our fashion industry related issues.

The connection between the way you dress and politics may not immediately be apparent, but you only have to look back to fashion movements such as the hippie generation, when people took a laid back approach to the way they dressed and presented themselves, due to a rise in unemployment as a result of the recession, or the state of rebellion represented by the punk subculture, combining previously fashion absent objects like safety pins and chains to make a statement for their anti-establishment views.

More recently (as discussed by Carry Somers from fashion revolution) the issue of human rights in the production of our garments. Bringing focus to the Rana Plaza factory complex that collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh last year, and the poor working conditions of those killed in the disaster. We were lead to discuss how we can make ourselves aware of the issues presented with the production of the clothing we purchase and what we can do to create a more ethical industry.  

Do your know who made your clothes? #fashionrevolution #fashion #ethics

Opportunities like this not only provide us with a great community for networking but also for a chance to have our say in issues which effect us more then we care to realise. The floor was opened to a Q&A with members of parliament, a rare chance to discuss the development of the fashion industry, in the grand room that lays host to the discussions for many new laws throughout parliament. 

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This was topped off with a glamours fashion show lead by London Ethnic a London collective of designers, priding themselves on british designs and UK production, followed by champaign and of course the ever essential kirspy kremes doughnuts, a key component for networking.