The Two Most Important Things For Marketers In 2017


Galit Gan
Creative Director & Co-Founder


There has been a shift in brands demands, they want to target their audience in a hyper-personalised way. They want to tailor the commercial message specifically to their wants and needs. Directing messages in a bespoke customer focused way will inevitably lead to higher conversion rates and increased ROI.

Even classic industry companies like Nxstage Medical have realised that in order to increase sales their marketing has to be relevant to specific sectors. While realising their main target market is the Spanish-speaking Hispanic community in the U.S (15% of their home kidney-analysis equipment) – the Massachusetts based company created brochures and a specific website in Spanish. These examples are backed up by celebrity endorsement, Twitter & Facebook accounts in Spanish as well.

While building an on-line presence, it is sometimes difficult to convey a unified message and on the other hand relate and create identification for a specific sector of your audience. That is why using personalised and tailored on-line solutions might assist in reaching that combination. In Whichit for Advertisers, business owners and marketers are able to produce well-designed polls, quizzes and interactive ads engaging and relating to each and every sector of their audience. In the relevant example above it was certainly possible to create a quiz with an opening question of preferred language and in that manner capture emails and sell products while targeting the needs of that relevant audience.

While companies like Google or Facebook are updating their ads business manager and interfaces in order to provide A/B testing mechanisms, reach and frequency editing and more – the need for being able to target small sectors of an audience with dynamic content is essential.

At the same time IBM has reported that the volume or marketing data has doubled in the past 18 months. Managing this volume of data is becoming increasingly difficult. How and what to do with this information is vital for any brands, publishers, agencies and marketers to get ahead. Amalgamating this information into useful insights is paramount. Marketers who are able to translate all this information into an engaging story-telling format to their clients will retain their audience and reach out to new targets more successfully. The Whichit Pro Dashboard packages all the data collected in your ad unit into a neat package which is easily decipherable.

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