Whichit Pro is live! [soft launch]

Hi Everyone,

Whichit Pro is live! [soft launch]. Finally there is a simple platform that allows advertisers to produce truly interactive content to increase user engagement, gain audience insight and achieve their content marketing goals.

To those of you who know us here at Whichit you know that we are constantly evolving our platform. Over the past 6 months, Whichit Pro was in closed beta mode with selected clients.

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Whichit is a self serve SaaS tool for the creation of engaging, interactive content called Whichits. It allows the advertiser to gain insights about their audience in addition to achieving greater performance from their traffic. The systems main functionalities are:

  • CREATE WHICHIT POSTS: a simple creation experience with step by step guides that make the entire process fast and simple

  • BILLING: for us at Whichit, providing maximum added value for our customers is the most important thing. The system will only charge the customer when the audience clicks on the call to action. We do not charge for impressions, votes or engagement. Only when a lead is generated or a user clicked on an affiliation link. This way we can maximise the added value for our customers

  • PERFORMANCE: a simple dashboard provides insights into audience preferences, as well as measuring the performance of the Whichit post

  • TRAFFIC: traffic referral analysis helps to identify sources of quality traffic based on how traffic from each source engages with the Whichit

  • PAYMENT: Whichit Pro provides simple and transparent payment options, allowing full visibility and control of expenses at any given time

What do you want to know about Whichit?

We are continously improving Whichit and releasing product upgrades, to simplify the user experience and supply a greater added value for our customers. Ultimately, we aim to create the best platform to create interactive commercial content and help our clients achieve their content marketing goals.

That’s it for now. If you have any questions, feedback or just want to say congratulations on our super successful launch please email us at pro@getwhichit.com.


The Whichit team