How Vendula got 1,811 sign ups and over 40% engagement rate in just 17 days


Vendula is an original fashion accessories brand whose key product is funky bags. “We launched Vendula London in 2003, and since then we’ve grown to become one of fashion’s funkiest brands with a growing list of customers across the UK, Ireland, Europe, and North America.”

The company wanted to promote their brand by incentivising their follower base and approaching new potential customers via a giveaway campaign on a special date in the retail calendar.

The Challenge:

interactive ads on facebook

Vendula approached Whichit on the back of a successful partnership for Valentine’s Day the previous year, this time with the aim of strengthening their brand-customer relations and increasing their potential client database.

Campaign's Goals:

1.    Increase engagement with audience.
2.   Increase brand's awareness and reach new audience.
3.   Increase brand's potential database.


Embeddable Whichit Posts formed the basis of Vendula’s giveaway campaign, which was rolled out in collaboration with fashion bloggers. Using Whichit Pro for the former enabled Vendula to collect data in the form of email addresses. The campaign was further supported by paid promotion through Instagram Ads, regular postings on Vendula’s social media profiles alongside their newsletter.

Choose your bag

Choose your bag

Submit to competition

Submit to competition

Share with friends

Share with friends


Whichit goals = Vendula goals
The Whichit widget was designed to capture a mix of actions:

  • Discover customers’ preferences - by voting on user's favourite in this case.
  • New potential customers – by email sign ups/lead generation.
  • Awareness – by sharing the campaign on social media

Unique Views



Engagement Rate


Click Through Rate

Facebook Shares

Twitter Shares

  • 96.27% of those who voted entered their email address for the competition.
  • Of those that viewed the post, almost half engaged with it (48.66%) while 46.85% followed through to enter email addresses, resulting in a high Click Through Rate.
  • 1,282 new potential customers emails.
  • Total of 605 social media shares.
  • 138 new Facebook Page likes.
“We used Whichit App for our latest Valentine’s Day competition. The app itself was embedded onto 3 blogs to collect visitor vote and allow them to enter our prize draw and share their vote on social media. This was the most convenient way to collect votes from 3 different sources.

We found this app really easy to set up with a great design. The Whichit team was always very reactive in sorting out any issue we had although it was very easy to embed it.

At the end, we were pleased with the high CTR we had using this app and the traffic generated on our website. We also collected 1,282 new email addresses to send our newsletters in the future.”
— Anne Conet Nguyen Ba, Ecommerce and Digital Marketing Manager


Whichit Pro Benefits:

What can you get from running a campaign using Whichit Pro?

Interactive Editorial Content to use on your blog, website, newsletter and social networks.

  • High engagement levels from your marketing activities.
  • Targeted email sign ups.
  • Discover audience preferences.
  • Social media shares.
  • Data analytics and trends identification.