Find out what our customers are saying about their experience with Whichit

McCann testimonial about Whichit
A year ago I partnered with Whichit to deliver a project for one of Israel’s Largest bank. During the project, the Whichit team brought our vision for the campaign to life and delivered results that exceeded our expectations. They were professional, efficient, and were available whenever we needed. It was a real pleasure to work with them on a project at scale, and of course, the client was delighted from the result of the campaign.
— Oded Lavie, Former VP Digital at McCann Tel Aviv

The National Lottery testimonial about Whichit
The Whichit team really helped us to achieve our organisations’ objectives through Whichits’ features.
— National Lottery

Vendula testimonial about Whichit
We were pleased with the high CTR we had using this app and the traffic generated on our website. We also collected 1,282 new email addresses to send our newsletters in the future.
— Vendula

Artemisia.me testimonial about Whichit
I am definitely enjoying using Whichit, it is simple and intuitive and you can get started in no time. As a business user I think it has some great potential to help brands to better understand their customers’ preferences.
— Artemisia