Whichit Earns Campaign Management Software Distinctions from Top Business Software Directory


Alexandra Radugina
Senior Marketing Manager


Whichit was designed to help businesses utilize a singular platform for capturing the attention of potential clients with an unobtrusive, fun, and inviting experience. The expert B2B reviewers from FinancesOnline managed to experience this first-hand when they conducted a thorough analysis of Whichit, and we received praises for fulfilling our value proposition. With this, we were honored with two distinctions: Great User Experience award for 2018 and Rising Star award for 2018.

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FinancesOnline also recognized our increasing popularity on the market and our high positive user feedback. With this, we received their Rising Star award. This isn’t a surprise as Whichit prides in its cutting-edge technology in gathering actionable insights so you can increase your conversions exponentially.

While determining which marketing plans would best capture the interest of your audiences is a difficult endeavour, Whichit eliminates this arduous task with its machine-learning insight engine. It collects all audience information and turns them into actionable insights.

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“Whichit removes the guesswork from your advertising and marketing plans and campaigns by helping you identify and utilize the right messages they respond to, driving conversions and ROI to the roof,” stated FinancesOnline’s experts. Our product was also recommended in the platform’s popular what is campaign management software guide.

We encourage all our users to check out FinancesOnline’s review and share how Whichit transformed your ads and marketing campaigns.

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