Press Release: Whichit for Advertisers is significantly increasing B2B clients' engagement after launching earlier this year


Juliana Soto von Arnim
Junior Digital Creative


London, October 9, 2017: Whichit, one of the hundred fast-growth companies in the UK according to ‘The Leap 100’, launched their Interactive Commercial Content platform, Whichit for Advertisers, earlier this year.

The company founded in 2014, has launched its innovative B2B platform for marketers and advertisers allowing them to create Interactive Commercial Content in the form of polls, quizzes and surveys with a commercial focus. Not long after the launch, advertisers who have used Whichit are achieving phenomenal results from their marketing campaigns and generating up to 90% user engagement rates with this innovative rich media content.       

Jonathan Gan, Whichit's CEO & Founder said: “‘Interactive Commercial Content, (ICC)’ is a great way for a brand to drive sales and understand market trends by creating ads their audience WANT to interact with. The results are exciting, when we witness well-known brands achieving better conversation for their marketing campaigns with Whichit, and at the same time creating a fun & innovative experience for their audience. It’s a win-win situation for a brand-customer relationship.”

Whether your goal is to increase sales, generate leads or re-target, Whichit is proven to be extremely effective. By using Whichit, advertisers can increase sales by linking consumers directly to a product page based on a stated preference, collect insights to help inform content personalisation or enrich audience insights. You can generate sales leads by collecting email subscribers using Whichit’s commercial ‘Engage Cards’ and integrate list into different CRMs, to close the sales loop.

Birchbox, an online monthly beauty subscription service, a long time client of Whichit, uses the platform to engage with their target audience to increase brand awareness and drive sales. While creating brilliant personality quizzes for their female audience with a customised commercial offer redirecting customers to purchase page, they accomplished over 90% Click-through -rate, and over 30,000 unique views. With 96% completion rate for their quiz and 20% converting into potential clients, Whichit has helped Birchbox to achieve their campaigns’ objectives and far exceeded their expectations.       

Whichit has also proven itself to be an effective Social Media content creation tool, while being used as part of a large pharmaceutical campaign. The campaign’s objective was to collect leads by boosting a commercial Whichit Survey on Facebook. The campaign generated over 6% Facebook Ad engagement, (500% higher than average ad engagement) and over 26% of the targeted audience converted into leads.

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About the company
After winning the UKTI's ‘Sirius Programme’, Whichit relocated from Tel-Aviv Israel to London in 2014. In 2015 Whichit won 'Start-up of the Year EMEA' by Facebook, the Innovate UK R&D funding award and the People's Choice Award at Pitch@Palace by the Duke of York.

The company is based in central London, working with top brands, agencies, and publishers.

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