Add 'Text Overlay' to your Whichit Post


Galit Gan
Creative Director & Co-Founder


Hey Everyone,

Did you know that it’s possible to add text overlay to your Whichit images? You can decide between different fonts and colours too.

You have many options to perfect your Whichit:

1. For example, you can overlay your picture with a translucent background colour to make sure your text is perfectly legible, or if you just want a moody, sunny or rose tinted feeling.

Make your overlay text pop with a colourful   translucent   background layer

Make your overlay text pop with a colourful translucent background layer

2. We offer many different fonts, so you can play with the theme of the picture to so it fits together and is inkeeping with its host site.

Match the font to your website theme

Match the font to your website theme


3. It’s possible to coordinate the colours of your text and picture. You can use any colour you can think of!

4. Of course you can, don’t be silly – it can be any text size you want – as long as it fits in the frame!

5. Last but not least you can change the location of your text. You can put it anywhere in the picture. At the top, the middle, left, right... you get the gist.

Control your text position

Control your text position


Don't hesitate to try and create a perfect Whichit! If you have any questions, please reach out to or schedule a call with one of our account managers.


Until next time,
The Whichit Team