One more reason to use Facebook Instant Articles

Hi Everyone,

At Whichit, we like to stay on top of ground breaking products and services in our industry and integrate with them whenever possible.
That is why this week we would like to show you how to create a Facebook Instant Article using Whichit. You can use this feature to share your Whichit Posts directly to your social media channels.

If you're unfamiliar with Facebook Instant Articles, they're a way to create articles on Facebook with superior user experience - designed specifically for performance on mobile phones. They work as any other publishing platform but they were specifically created for better sharing of articles on Facebook to deliver a super-fast loading time, and they look great.

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So as we said in the beginning of this post, we decided to jump on the bandwagon and allow our users to create Facebook Instant Articles with Whichit Posts embedded in them directly from Whichit Pro. Let’s look at this example.

Your added value by using Whichit Posts as a Facebook Instant Articles:

  • Publish a Whichit Post with its incredible engagement level to your Facebook audience and expose it in your advertisement campaign to a new targeted audience
  • Use fast and responsive content, which is 10X faster than standard mobile web articles and makes your readers 70% less likely to abandon the article.

To create such a page simply go to Whichit Pro, create your Whichit and in the Publish page look for the section “Post URL”. Click “Copy URL” and you’ve just created a Facebook Instant Article with a Whichit embedded in it. Create a post by pasting this URL on Facebook, you will see Facebook recognises the URL and creates a unique post for you.

If you have any feedback or if you need any help with creating a Facebook Instant Articles, please don’t hesitate to reach out on or fill out this form to schedule a call with one of our account managers.


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The Whichit team