Our pricing model is simple and depending on your marketing campaign's objectives. There's a different payment method for Organic Campaigns (by CTA) and for Targeted Traffic Campaigns (by CPM):



On organic campaigns, the Whichit posts will be exposed to your existing audience, on your social networks, website or blog. When creating an organic campaign you’ll only be charged for your Call-to-Action clicks, meaning charges will only occur when your user engages with the final commercial layout of your Whichit posts.


Social Media Campaign: Captivate your Social Media followers with an engaging content by posting a shareable url of your Whichit posts. 


Embed on my Website: Get more out of your existing website traffic by creating a campaign in minutes and get an Embed code to paste in your website or blog.

Your Success is Our Success.
You’re being charged only for *CTA clicks!


* What is CTA click? 
Call-to-Action click is a user interaction with the commercial button on the Engage Card that reveals after a user votes on a Whichit post (Redirect to a web page, Submit Email subscription etc.) 


With Paid Traffic Campaigns you can reach a new market audience based on Media Buying (similar to paid campaigns on Facebook / Google Adwords). Your Whichit posts will be served as interactive banners on publishers websites (display advertising), and the payment method is aligned with the industry - charged by CPM (cost per 1,000 ad impressions).


Targeted Traffic Campaign: Reach out to a new audience as a display advertising! Target your audience by age, gender, location and interests has never been easier with our playful dashboard. 

Your Media Buying
gaining your more with Whichit.