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Once users vote on the Whichit posts they will have the option to share it with their Social Media friends.

Coconut Oil has a lot of proven health benefits. It's great for skin & hair care and delicious for cooking! How would you use it?


Give a little back to your audience! This Engage Card allows you to provide your audience a code based coupon tailored to their preference. 

Which is your favourite European city break? Vote for your preferred destination and reveal your holiday deal's discount.


Lead users to a web page based on their preferences. 
This will be revealed once they vote on the Whichit post.

Which 2016 movie are you most excited about?


Capture your target audiences emails. Segment these emails based on how they vote.
(With our super cool integrations you can automatically Email them based on their preference)

Which must-have gadget is on your 2016 gift List? Vote for your favourite & we'll keep you posted about the latest technology news


Offer users related content based on their preferences, which will reveal once they vote on the Whichit post

What's the best celebrity hair transformations of 2016?