From Engagement to Sale in Five Steps


Elliott Saray
Senior Developer


Supercharge your CRM with Whichit’s Microsoft Dynamics365 Integration

 Whichit has enhanced their integration capabilities by establishing a direct connection between interactive commercial content served online and one of the industry’s most powerful CRMs: Microsoft’s Dynamics365.

 Using Whichit’s Dynamics365 integration, businesses can instantly streamline user information to their CRM. Data transmission is facilitated by Whichit’s naturally interactive content distributed across the web.


In this article, we will explain how a business can take five simple steps to turn a stranger engaging with their content online into a paying customer by using Whichit’s Microsoft’s Dynamics365 CRM integration.

Whichit for Enterprise

Whichit is a B2B software company providing an interactive commercial content platform that enables brands, marketers and advertisers to dramatically increase user engagement, return on marketing investment, open new revenue streams, and gain user-related insight.  The company developed an innovative technology that profiles users based on their preferences and uses machine learning to provide bespoke commercial incentives in real time.


The value of interactive commercial content

Using Whichit’s unique ad unit, businesses are able to spread their interactive content to a wide audience in the form of a fun, intuitive image-based poll or survey. Naturally interactive content allows businesses to directly gather preferences from their online audience— a one-to-one conversation occurs online between the business and their consumers.


Better yet, Whichit’s intelligent ad unit is able to perform preference-based segmentation; the ad unit offers the end user a commercial Engage Card suited to their needs and preferences. The Whichit ad unit is able to recognise a potential client and make a commercial offer in real-time.


Whichit multiple channels

Touchpoints on any digital channel

As you may already know, Whichit’s interactive commercial content can be distributed to any digital channel. This includes placements native onsite, on social channels like Facebook or Twitter, banners on the Google Display Network and other DSPs, email marketing campaigns and messaging services like WhatsApp.

 Regardless of the chosen traffic sources, interactive content served by Whichit is able to consolidate and immediately deliver segmented user data to Dynamics365.


From engagement to sale in five steps

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1.   Preference to data point transformation

Each Whichit post circulating the web contains over 60 different data points that are used to better understand user preferences and create advanced user segmentation. Data collected by the Whichit ad unit can evolve immediately from a user preference to a real actionable data point for a business by contextualising the choices a user makes while interacting. Due to the simplicity and natural engagement of the creatives, the sky is truly the limit for what a business is able to understand about their audience by simply asking them online.

2.   Segmentation by preferences

Whichit ad units have the ability to digest end-user’s choices throughout their interactions with the ad. Each click or choice contributes to a personalised outcome right before their eyes; live segmentation allows businesses running Whichit campaigns to deliver bespoke commercial messages to their users online, based entirely on the choices they’ve made.

3.   Lead generation

Whichit provides businesses with several commercial message (Engage Card) types to choose from when building a campaign, but by far the most powerful commercial message for a business is the lead generation Engage Card.

 With Whichit, businesses are able to run fully GDPR-compliant lead generation campaigns that instantly deliver real end-user data. Once a lead is collected by the Whichit ad unit, the lead—and all the underlying data points based on their choices—can be sent directly to the business’ CRM.

4.   Processing and automation

One of the many reasons for business CRMs rising to popularity over the past five years is the value a CRM brings in terms of automation. Using a CRM such as Dynamics365, a business can setup email auto-responders and segment users within their CRM according to the campaign on which they sailed into the database.

Whichit takes the processing and automation functionalities of a typical CRM and provides them a much more valuable engine on which to segment and automate contacts: user preferences. A brand using Whichit can deliver leads into their Dynamics365 instance with precisely everything they need to know about said user, a user the business can then move onto the final stage with a rich understanding of their needs as a client.

5.   Actionable and educated sales approach

Thanks to the efficiency and the level of granular user detail provided by previous steps, this final stage could not be any simpler. The final phase of this process is to take the data your business has easily channelled into Dynamics365 and action it.

When a new lead arrives in Dynamics365 with full contact details, customer acquisition information and a full list of user choices, and is segmented correctly by the CRM’s internal sorting, the business can then continue their chosen sales process with an educated knowledge of their clients’ needs— phenomenally increasing the efficiency of the sales process by taking only a few steps beforehand.


If you’d like to use Whichit to take control of your data and take five steps to turn your engagements into sales, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help you! Email


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Breaking News: Whichit has been selected to take part in 365^x Business Accelerator.

Image credits: Sarona Space

Image credits: Sarona Space

Written by: The Whichit Team

We are incredibly proud to announce that Whichit has been selected for the 365^x Business Accelerator, launching in Israel.

The 365x Accelerator is a business enhancer that prepares Software and IoT startup companies for exponential growth. Surrounded by talented executives and entrepreneurs, startups have the possibility to sharpen their business, product and technology, while accessing an international customer and distributors network to affirm solid traction towards scalability.

The selection process was based on three criteria, product, innovation and traction. The chosen startup had to offer a software based or IoT product with disruptive innovation or cutting-edge technology, as well as an initial traction with pilots or customers. We are pleased to say, Whichit matches all of them.

Backed by three global leaders, Microsoft, Prodware Group and Tech Data, the program will take part in the city of Kfar Saba, Israel, for six months. Whichit will be assigned an experienced coach in sales and business development that will help strengthening the company’s strategy and roadmap and structuring the product, technology and organization to work at scale and sustain exponential growth. In addition, this period will have frequent market feedback, global customer reach and tight support to reach actual business agreements with customers and partners. Generate sales, close reseller partnerships and reach the required traction to fit the criteria of “Series A Round” investment.

Since crossing the Product Market Fit threshold at the end of 2017, Whichit has seen an exponential trajectory of growth focusing on the UK and EU markets that has laid foundations for continual growth.  Delivering innovative marketing and advertising solutions to tier-1 brands and advertising agencies, enables them to better engage with their audiences, convert traffic into revenue and gain actionable insights. This program is a great opportunity to extend Whichit commercial operation and company growth.

Together with Whichit’s innovative and proprietary technology, a machine learning profiles users in real time based on their preferences, offering a more personalised approach to marketing and advertising, positioning itself at the forefront of its field and gaining a key business advantage in the market.

In July 2018 the company release a new and improved version of its flagship platform ‘Whichit for Advertisers’, a SaaS platform that caters to the SME and SMB markets. It enables advertisers to seamlessly create interactive commercial content, create and manage commercial campaigns on multiple channels including Google’s Display Network, where Whichit is part of an elite that are 3PAS certified by Google, social networks and programmatically.

In the past few years, Whichit has won several awards. In 2015, the company won The Sirius Programme by the UKTI, Pitch@Palace 4.0 People's Choice Award, and Facebook Startup of the Year EMEA 2015. In 2016, Innovate UK Smart funds TSB Project. The year after, Whichit was included in The Leap 100 2017 List and won two awards by Finances Online, Rising Star and Great User Experience.