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Light up your sales tree this season with Creative Marketing Campaigns


Galit Gan
Creative Director & Co-founder


Spoiler alert! You can download a free ‘Festive Campaigns Guide’ to inspire your marketing strategy.

The holiday season is fast approaching and it is the biggest chance for businesses to boost their revenue. Consumers are expected to spend about a trillion dollars between November and January, so if you haven't incorporated a proper marketing strategy to boost your sales for it, you're already falling behind.

If you have not done so yet, there is no better time than now to start thinking about your marketing campaigns. Let’s help you get started...

Choosing the right strategy

1. Be there

Make sure you have a campaign strategy for both your online advertising and email marketing, as they are both essential channels to increasing sales over the period. Social activities are a must! Get in front of your audience where they already spend the majority of their time, and engage with them with beautifully ads that they can’t miss.

2. Be creative

While creativity is key in order to win hearts,
your commercial offer shouldn’t be left behind.

Interactive commercial content is the answer to your business’s success this year. It is bold, fun to interact with, and creates a memorable experience that positions your brand as innovative. All that without compromising on your true objective – increasing revenue.

3. Be cost-effective

Making assumptions about how your audiences feel and what they want or need, can result in expensive and even damaging campaigns that squander opportunities to foster brand loyalty and boost sales. Using Interactive Commercial Content you can ask your target audiences questions through image-based quizzes, with bespoke Call-To-Actions. This allows you to gather 1st party data, actual user preferences and behaviours without compromising revenue goals.

The following holiday marketing ideas will amplify and add significant value to your efforts to ramp up sales during the most profitable time of the year:

Win your Halloween!

A ‘COSTUME BUILDER’ for the scariest night of the year to sell more costumes


Did you know... During October 2016, the amount spent on all Halloween goods across the retail industry was £30.8 billion, a 6% increase on the previous year. Brits spent an estimated £277 million on Halloween treats alone in 2017!

The COSTUME BUILDER brings a unique brand interaction delivering a memorable experience.
With Phenomenal engagement rates, audience segmentation by product/preference and outstanding conversion rates.


Be the buzz this Black Friday & Cyber Monday

The perfect ‘DEAL FINDER’ for this exciting weekend of sales

Did you know... A whopping £1.4bn was spent on online sales in the UK on Black Friday - up some 11.7% on last year, according to online retailers trade body IMRG.

The DEAL FINDER delivers Black Friday deals across the internet in an interactive ad unit with phenomenal performance stats.

Black Friday 'Deal Finder' -    click image for live demo!

Black Friday 'Deal Finder' - click image for live demo!

  • Up to 16 products from 4 categories in 1 interactive creative

  • Actionable insights that can be optimised to in real time

  • 1st party data and high performing audience segments

  • Integration with client e-commerce engines to auto-fill baskets directly from the ad unit

  • New customer acquisition and incremental product sales



Light up your sales tree this Christmas

An ‘INTERACTIVE MUSICAL EXPERIENCE’ and a ‘GIFT WIZARD’ for the most wonderful time of the year

Did you know... Retail sales for Christmas 2017 grew 1.4% against 2016 to a whopping £78.69 Billion (mid Nov – end Dec).

The GIFT WIZARD and MUSICAL EXPERIENCE deliver a unique and memorable brand interaction.



Get actionable insights about your audience in real time and high performing audience segments. The interactive content can easily integrate with client e-commerce engines to auto-fill baskets directly from the ad unit! No additional steps or landing pages needed.


Out-of-the-box Boxing Day strategy

Get consumers to interact with and select your sale items with a ‘BOXING DAY BARGAIN FINDER’

Boxing Day 'Bargain Finder' -    click image for live demo!

Boxing Day 'Bargain Finder' - click image for live demo!

Did you know... 2017 Boxing Day bargain hunters spent a record £4.5billion! Web sales hit £1.03billion, topping £1billion for the first time and up 7.9 percent on the £954million spent in 2016, according to Centre for Retail Research.

The BOXING DAY BARGAIN FINDER delivers your boxing day bargains direct to consumers even before the event. It presents a unique opportunity for consumers to select multiple sale items they want from 1 interactive ad unit. Gather actual consumer preferences and behaviour that can be used to build new audience segments.


Enjoy this new customer acquisition and increase sales this season.
Download our free download a free ‘Festive Campaigns Guide’ to inspire your marketing strategy:



Brilliant creatives and personalized offers to your customers make a huge impact, and can strengthen the consumer-brand relationship, turning a happy customer into a brand ambassador.

Now, make all of your holiday marketing dreams come true!

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