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  • Promote the different good causes that are funded by National Lottery, to increase awareness of the benefits of NL funding.
  • Raise and increase awareness by linking National Lottery funding & the British Film Institute (6 BAFTA  & 2 Oscar nominated films were funded by National Lottery).
  • Enrich potential database.


A giveaway competition with an embedded Whichit in collaboration with a movie blog (Back to the Movies).


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The Whichit team really helped us to achieve our organisations’ objectives through Whichits’ features & user experience combined by our partnership with major online influencers
— Panos Chaliotis, Community Manager, National Lottery


Vendula London



  • Increase engagement with audience.
  • Increase brand awareness and reach a new audience.
  • Increase brand's potential database.


Giveaway campaign based on embedding Whichit Posts on Vendula’s blog and amplify in collaboration with fashion bloggers.

46.85% [1,811]

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We used Whichit App for our latest Valentine’s Day competition. The app itself was embedded onto 3 blogs to collect visitor vote and allow them to enter our prize draw and share their vote on social media. This was the most convenient way to collect votes from 3 different sources.

We found this app really easy to set up with a great design. The Whichit team was always very reactive in sorting out any issue we had although it was very easy to embed it.

At the end, we were pleased with the high CTR we had using this app and the traffic generated on our website. We also collected 1,282 new email addresses to send our newsletters in the future.
— Anne Conet Nguyen Ba, Ecommerce and Digital Marketing Manager, Vendula


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How to better understand Artemisia.me’s customers' preferences.


Regularly create Whichit posts as part of social media activity.


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I am definitely enjoying using Whichit, it is a great app. It is simple and intuitive and you can get started in no time. The most amazing thing I realized using the app is that whilst scrolling down the explore page it is a natural and impulsive action to actually make a statement and express your preference; - I think it is something innate in the human being and this app just nailed it with this. I found out also something about myself while using it, I was so curious to see if my choice was the same as the majority of people or if it was different and I couldn’t keep from voting the most interesting Whichits.

As a business user I think it has some great potential to help brands to better understand their customers’ preferences. The kind of information this app can give is much more honest and direct than others, I think the feedback that an app like Whichit gives is much more realistic than other popular apps because people choose intuitively and spontaneously since they can’t see what others voted first so the feedback is less biased and contaminated by social pressure and behavioural patterns. We have just started but we can’t wait to learn more and explore all of the app’s potential.
— Silvia Orlando, Founder, Artemisia