+ What makes a successful Whichit Post?

A great Whichit post is one that is compelling to your audience and also leverages the Whichit system to benefit your business. You can make the Whichit more appealing by following those tips:

  • The Whichit will gain much higher engagement if it is relevant to your target audience and match the content of the website. When planning your Whichit make sure it is a part of a relevant article or blogpost.
  • Give special attention to your Whichit Post appearance. Pick high quality images and phrase an interesting question that is appealing and will catch your audiences' eye.
  • Define your Whichit Post goal and choose the right Engage card. Whether your goal is improving your editorial content or gaining commercial benefits by using Whichit, ensure you are choosing the relevant Engage Card: Basic, Redirect, Coupon offer or Email subscription. Take a look at our blogpost: 5 Ways To Make Your Whichit Post Awesome to find the answer

+ Where can I share my Whichit post?

When you create a Whichit post there are 3 options to publish and share it:

  • The default option is to embed the post on any website or blogpost by using the code provided on the right side bar under “Embed options”. You can customise the posts' appearance to match your website styling before copying the code.
  • The second option, which is "off" unless you activate it, is publishing it to the Whichit Community. This option is available just before submitting the Whichit post after creating it. When sending it to the Whichit Community, your post will be published and visible on the Whichit App feed of all users even if they are not following you.
  • Another option which is available on the Publish step, is sharing your Whichit post on your social networks. On the first attempt the system will ask you to link your Facebook/Twitter account to Whichit Pro. (The users clicking on the post on the social media will redirect to view it on the Whichit Web App.)

Once a Whichit is live in the system there are multiple ways to share it again and to receive more exposure. Just click on the share icon of the Whichit post from the home page.

+ I hit ‘Submit’ but not sure if my Whichit has been sent?

After you hit the "Submit" button, the server is uploading your Whichit to the system. This process takes about 2-3 seconds and if your internet connection is working well, the Whichit will upload successfully. As soon as it happens you should see a notification announcement on the bottom of the screen, notifying you that your Whichit has been successfully uploaded. Then the system will guide you automatically to the Publish and Share stage. If you are still not sure whether or not the Whichit has been posted you can double check by heading to the Home screen on your Whichit Pro account, where all your published Whichit posts are visible. If you wait over a minute and you still cannot see the post on your Home screen then you can try reposting and of course feel free to contact us at support@getwhichit.com

+ Which image source can I select to create a Whichit Post?

You can upload images to Whichit from your computer or your Instagram account. There’s also a great option to search in our image bank where you can find beautiful Royalty-free images. Every image you upload to Whichit will be cropped into square proportions, so make sure that you choose suitable images. The recommended dimensions for a good Whichit images is 600x600 pixels. Take a look at our blogpost: 5 Ways To Make Your Whichit Post Awesome

+ What is an Engage Card and which type should I use?

Engage Card is a 'Call to Action' layer that will be revealed to the users once they vote on their favourite frame in the embedded Whichit post. Simply Create a Whichit Post and choose one of the following Engage Cards to reach your editorial or commercial goals:

  • Enhancing your website content ('Basic' Engage Card): If you would like to use a new interesting interactive tool on your website, that will increase user engagement with their content and gain more exposure, you can choose the ‘Basic’ Engage card. Once users vote on the Whichit post, they will reveal the Call-to-Action layer which suggests them to share the post with their social media friends. This action will gain you more exposure. You can use the Basic Engage card for free, as part of the ‘Freemium’ plan.
  • Capturing Emails ('Led Generation' Engage Card): If you would like to capture emails or generate interactive contests, use the ‘Subscription’ Engage card. Once users vote, the CTA layer will reveal a subscription form where users can submit their email in return to an offer you give them (for example: enter competition, register upto a newsletter, etc). This card also has the option for a ‘Social Login’ which makes it easier for your subscriber to sign up by using their Facebook account.
  • Open a new revenue stream ('Redirect'/'Coupon' Engage Card): The ‘Redirect’ card will allow you to set a different url to each one of the frames & a customized Call-to-Action button. The best practice of this Engage Card is to affiliate users to a specific product page or content that is relevant to their chosen frame (for example if a user votes for the black jeans image he will have a Call-to-Action button that will redirect him to purchase this item on a page you defined). The ‘Coupon’ Engage card is a great way to create revenue for an e-commerce website! You can give a special offer based on a promo code that users can redeem on the product page you will redirect them to once they vote on their favourite frame.

+ I embedded a Whichit on my website. The Engage Card has automatically changed and only shows an option to share. What happened?

When choosing a Premium plan (paid subscription), there’s a traffic cup which allows up to a certain amount of Call-to-Action clicks on you chosen Engage card from you website users. If your users engagement with your Whichit posts was more than you expected, you might have reached this traffic cap and in this case, your original chosen Engage Card will automatically be replaced with the Basic Engage card that allows the users only to share with their friends (blocking the commercial benefit of the Engage Card). Don’t worry, this is a great sign! It means that the Whichit you’ve created is super successful and now you just need to adjust you plan to match a higher traffic (upgrade) or purchase more credits for your plan. Once, you do that, the original Engage Card will appear again. Another option is to switch to the Pay-as-you-go plan and pay for your Call-to-Action clicks without any limitation.

+ I embedded a Whichit post. Now, how do I check how successful it is?

The results of your audience engagement with the Whichit posts appears on the ‘Whichit screen’. You can access it easily by clicking anywhere on the posts bottom white bar. The Whichit screen will open, and you can see on the right side the breakdown of the posts' activity. If you are on the Freemium plan you can see the engagement rate graph and the clicks summary table. If you are part of the Premium or Pay as you go plans you can also see the performance of each frame, the votes' deviations and also get a full access to the Analytics section.

+ I keep seeing the ‘loader’ symbol with the Whichit logo and the screen doesn't move

This might suggest that you have a problem with your internet connection. If the problem persists, try refreshing Whichit Pro or contact us at support@getwhichit.com.

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