Whichit is an Interactive Commercial Content platform that empowers advertisers and marketers to create interactive native advertising in minutes across all channels, increasing user engagement, opening new revenue streams and gaining actionable insights



With a few clicks in our studio - create beautiful interactive content that users can’t ignore!


Build your campaigns, choose your channels, allocate your budget and launch in minutes!


Off the chart engagement levels seen clearly on our unique dashboard - endless combinations to optimise campaigns in real time


Create a call to action that strikes while it’s hot

Close the Loop

Integrate with your tools of choice - Hubspot, MailChimp and more - to gather every lead and continue the conversation


Automate Market Research

Say goodbye to tedious, expensive focus groups and surveys - Whichit gives you a direct view into your user’s thoughts - what led them to click? What images they preferred? Their decision making styles and important demographics

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What is a Whichit?

The Whichit platform allows you to create rich media unique ad units in the form of polls, quizzes, trivia, surveys and more that we like to call ‘Whichits’.

Try it out for yourself, see how quickly we can segment an audience and retarget based on their preferences!

  • Singular Solution - Everything from copy and creative, campaign execution and analytics - we’ve got you covered. This Whichit can be embedded pretty much anywhere you want at the same time.

  • Simplicity - Easy to create a stellar, fully branded and fun user experience

  • Skyhigh Engagement - Reach previously unachievable engagement levels - ads they WANT to interact with

  • Sharp Insights - Our dashboard captures sentiments and translates them into specific actionable insights

  • Streamline your Ad Units - Create one Whichit - run it on multiple platforms, let us analyse the results so you see at a glance what truly brings you the best ROI

  • Seamless Integration - Integrates with all marketing automation and sales tools


What would make your marketing more effective?

We’re Blushing… :)

In the Media

Whichit brings excitement to the mobile shopping experience by introducing collaborative and social elements reminiscent of the real-world shopping experience.
— Digital Journal
Not only does the app improve engagement within social media communities, but the real-time nature of Whichit provides a much more immediate path to conversion.
— Yahoo Finance
16 London-Based Startups Ready To Take On 2016
— Forbes